Vytautas Magnus Summer Course: Refresh in Lithuania

If you are a student or willing to be one, your heritage is Lithuanian but you live abroad, and you wish to forge closer ties to Lithuania either by improving your language skills or by learning more about Lithuanian culture and history, as well as social, economic, and political conditions, then this VMU Summer Course in July 2011 is for you.

Vytautas Magnus University and the Lithuanian Emigration Institute extend an invitation to Lithuanians age 18 and older who live outside Lithuania to attend a summer course called REFRESH IN LITHUANIA.

The purpose of the VMU Summer Course is to bring together Lithuanians from all over the world, especially those of student age, to help them establish or renew contact with their family’s homeland and to learn more about what is going on in Lithuania today.


During the course we will discuss Lithuanian history, politics, and economics. We will also seek to answer a number of questions, such as:

What does it mean to be Lithuanian?

What is the identity of world Lithuanians and what is their shared experience?

What are your family’s immigration stories?

What does “Lithuanianness” mean to a person who is born and/or raised outside of Lithuania’s borders?

You will have the opportunity to visit interesting historical places and undiscovered corners of nature in Lithuania. You will also be able to experience life in Kaunas, to visit museums, to get to know VMU students and instructors and much more.

Accommodation and Meals

You will stay in a student dormitory in the centre of Kaunas. The dorm has kitchen facilities or you can buy meals at the numerous cafes, pizzerias and restaurants in kaunas.


With early registration (until May 1st), the course fee is 250 Litas (about EUR 72 / USD 100). The course fee for registration until June 1 is 500 Litas (about EUR 145 / USD 200). This fee covers housing (dormitory rooms); some meals (opening and concluding dinner, meals during excursions); transportation costs (two-week tickets for Kaunas public transportation, excursion bus rentals); and academic and cultural program expenses. You will have to cover your own travel costs to Kaunas, meals (except for those included above) and any personal expenses during the course. Please note that the course fee may be waived under certain circumstance.


The deadline to submit an application is May 1st, 2011. The application form is attached to this invitation or it can be downloaded at http://www.pasauliolietuviai.lt/.


There is the opportunity to prolong your stay in Lithuania for language study. Language courses start on 27th July and last two or four weeks depending on your choice. For more detailed information on language courses, contact Ingrida Celešiūtė.


Coordinator: Ms. Ingrida Celešiūtė,
Vytautas Magnus University
Postal address:

S. Daukanto g. 25

LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania

Ph. +370 37 327839

Fax.: +370 37 424960

E-mail: pla@isc.vdu.lt

More information: www.vdu.lt/pla or http://www.pasauliolietuviai.lt/

The official Patron of the Summer Course is Ms. Irena Degutienė, Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament.

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