XIII PLJS Congressional Resolutions (Uruguay, 2010)

Resolved, that the Congress:

1. Requires publication of organization updates and news on the PLJS website

2. Encourages the Board to take an active interest in the Lithuanian dual citizenship debate, and to create a formal PLJS position on the subject

3. Urges PLJS to promote the regrowth of inactive PLJS chapters

4. Calls upon all countries to prepare a database of Lithuanian organizations within their countries along with contact information for these groups, and to give this information to the PLJS board

5. Requires that the PLJS Board inform PLJS chapters about various avenues for Lithuanian language-learning, and to coordinate these efforts if necessary

6. Encourages the PLJS Board to inform South American LJS chapters of opportunities to learn the Lithuanian language, and to facilitate an online course platform if necessary

7. Encourages the PLJS Board to provide mediation in finding and sending video and audio material about Lithuanian language and culture to PLJS chapters who request it

8. Encourages the PLJS Board to find and send Lithuanian language teachers to South American countries, and to locate funds to finance the teacher’s salary, accommodation, and travel costs

9. Encourages young people to study at the Lithuanian High School in Germany (Privates Litauisches Gymnasium), or to pursue an education in Lithuania

10. Encourages the PLJS board to enable/assist the efforts of South American Lithuanian youth to attend Lithuanian language courses in Lithuania free of charge

11. Urges the PLJS Board to develop PLJS historical archives, and to post these archives on www.pljs.org

12. Recognizes the important role of the Lithuanian community in the fields of parish and community development, construction, and maintenance. These centers are the cultural and religious heart of the Lithuanian community, and must be preserved

13. Encourages the dissemination of information about the Lithuanian Student Internship Program (LISS) by the PLJS Board

14. Encourages the development of an electronic platform to promote communication and cooperation between the various chapters of PLJS

15. Calls for cooperation with international institutions and organizations

16. Requires cooperation with Lithuanian governmental agencies and youth organizations

17. Requests, if necessary, for PLJS chapters to be PLJS representatives at their respective governmental institutions and youth organizations

18. Requires that the PLJS Board develop innovative ways to spread information about PLJS events

19. Requires that the PLJS Board collect and disseminate information about various projects in Lithuania, educational opportunities, and organizations capable of providing financial assistance to fund PLJS projects

20. Requires that the PLJS Board consistently renew and update www.pljs.org

21. Requires that the PLJS Board develop a central calendar documenting all chapters’ PLJS activities and events

22. Requires that the PLJS Board submit an annual report documenting Board actions and progress on www.pljs.org

23. Requires that the PLJS Board edit the PLJS Charter and Bylaws, and submit the edited draft to all PLJS chapters at least one year before the XIV Congress

24. Requires that the PLJS Board inform the PLJS chapters of their allotted representative counts at least one year before the XIV Congress

25. Requires that the PLJS Board post the current PLJS Charter and Bylaws on www.pljs.org

26. Requires that the PLJS Board update and analyze user information using innovative technology (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

27. Requires that the PLJS Board cooperate with LiJOT to analyze the effectiveness of current PLJS chapters and to develop improvement plans

28. Requires that the PLJS Board explore and analyze the various possibilities of PLJS incorporation

29. Requires that PLJS chapters submit their final representative counts to the PLJS Board at least 6 months prior to the XIV Congress

30. Requires that the planning committee of the XIV Congress submit their budget proposal at least 6 months prior to Congress XIV. The PLJS Board will verify this budget proposal and offer its opinion and/or suggestions for improvement

31. Encourages the planning committee to collaborate with LiJOT to plan the formal conference program for Congress XIV

32. Requires that the planning committee of Congress XIII disclose the final expenditures for Congress XIII to the PLJS Board at most six months after the end of Congress XIII

33. Requests that the PLJS Board help plan South American PLJS conferences, and urges PLJS to send at least one representative from each other continent containing an LJS

34. Urges Lithuanian youth residing in Venezuela to set up a Venezuelan PLJS chapter

35. Requires that the PLJS Board aid Lithuanian youth in Venezuela in setting up a PLJS Chapter in Venezuela, and to help organize a summer camp program in this country

36. Encourages all PLJS chapters to film a greeting from their PLJS chapter, and to submit this footage to the PLJS Board by the end of 2010

37. Urges the Columbian-Lithuanian youth to participate in South American PLJS functions

38. Sets the date and location of the XIV World Lithuanian Youth Congress for the summer of 2013 in Great Britain

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